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Hi and welcome to StoppingNation, the largest searchable database of stopping resources in the U.S. and Canada. I'm Karen Bentley, the publisher of StoppingNation and the author of The Power to Stop, a book that teaches stopping as a path to self-love, personal power and enlightenment.

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The Stopping Nation directory is the largest, most comprehensive and searchable database of stopping providers, services and products in the U.S.A. Unlike other websites, our directory is more than a static list. It's a powerful tool for quickly and easily configuring a customized list of resources, and it's only available here at Stopping Nation.

1. Search on a name, word or phrase
2. Search on any single subcategory or multiple subcategories. The simplest, most basic search is to select a single subcategory. All links associated with the subcategory will be displayed in an alpha order format. The more subcategories you select, the narrower your search results. Searching can be repeated as often you like by changing one or more subcategories.
3. Search by combining any word and any subcategory.

Note that spiritual, religious and holistic resources are found in the Treatment/Orientation category.

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Food Addiction/Eating Disorders
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Non 12-step alternative
Holistic (hypnosis, nutrition, massage, fitness, etc.)
Religious - Christian
Religious - Buddhist
Religious - Other
Scientific Research
Psychological/Emotional Counseling
Other approaches

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On-line or Phone Programs: counseling, coaching, webinars, distance learning
Site-based programs: counseling, groups, retreats, conferences
Web-based focal point for info and resources
Referral or placement service
Directory or Lists
Healing (hands-on or other)
Educational, Training or Certification Programs
Residential or Hospital Programs

Type Product or Media

Blog/Internet Forum
Nutrition, vitamins, herbs or other supplements
Radio or Web Talk

Type Organization or Individual

Group, Treatment Center or Company
Public Service
College/University/Research Foundation
Personal Growth Institute/Educational Center


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