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Hi and welcome to StoppingNation, the largest searchable database of stopping resources in the U.S. and Canada. I'm Karen Bentley, the publisher of StoppingNation and the author of The Power to Stop, a book that teaches stopping as a path to self-love, personal power and enlightenment.

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Addiction as a Doorway to Accelerated Spiritual Growth

SpiritualWarriorAny addiction or unwanted behavior can be used to learn and practice transcendence, which is achieving a state of excellence freed from the limitations of matter (or the physical world).  Trans means to go beyond or through.  And end is the point at which an act or experience is completed.  So to transcend is to end reliance on physical sensations and appearances and to ... Read More
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BOOK REVIEW: The Addictive Personality by Craig Nakken

Even though the third section of the book is focused on recovery, there are less than 15 pages actually devoted to solutions. Hands down, this is the most disappointing feature. Even more, the ideas presented in the recovery section do not specifically link or match-up to the causes of addiction that are painstakingly identified by the author. If emotional volatility is really a fundamental causative problem, then undoing emotional volatility needs to be part of the fix. Instead of directly addressing and dealing with each cause, we get a rehash of the 12 step solution. Unfortunately, the author does not do an adequate job of explaining how underlying causes are neutralized by these steps.
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